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Best Time of Year to Buy a New Car

September 21, 2018
Though the best time to buy a new car is before you actually need one, it’s best to wait and try to get the best deal for your money. Do you know when the best time to buy a new car is?

Think Like a Salesperson

Take a moment to step into the shoes of a car salesman or woman. Most are paid via commission. Each month and, in fact, each year they are required to meet a quota. Let’s say it’s coming to the end of the month when you’re supposed to have sold a predetermined number of cars. An individual or a couple walks in and is looking to purchase a new vehicle. How motivated would you be to make the sale, versus near the beginning of the month when you’ve got 30 days to meet the quota?

Best Months

With this in mind, it’s of course best to look for a new car around the end of the month. You’re more likely to get a deal on a car—depending on your financial situation—because it’s crunch time for the dealership. At the same time, shopping in the last 3 months of the year is a good idea as well. Dealerships capitalize upon Black Friday sales, even though people aren’t necessarily busting down their doors to grab a particular model. Christmas might fall in the last week of the year, but it’s also the final chance many salesmen and women have to earn that extra bit of cash to get them through to next year.

Best Days

Most people work Monday through Friday, so they shop for a new car on the weekends. However, if you’re wanting to get the best deals out there, shop when you have days off—on government holidays! Those 3-day weekends are what give car dealerships a chance to offer incredible savings because they know most of the population is either at home relaxing or out running errands. If purchasing a new car is on your to-do list, the dealerships want to reel you in and make a sale.

Best Day of the Week

So, there aren’t any holidays coming up. That’s okay! If you’re in the market for a new ride, check out the dealership on a Monday. Unlike most offices, where the backup from the weekend means a busy schedule, car dealerships are just getting back into the swing of things in the beginning of the week. More importantly, finance offices are not as busy as they would be on Friday afternoon, when getting a customer through financing could mean a big sale for the dealership. Even if you do end up looking for a new car on the weekend, try to seal the deal on a Monday. Your financing will probably go through a lot faster.

Best Time of Day

As has been the trend, the best time of day to submit your offer on a vehicle is near closing time. Use time in your favor. That salesperson may be looking at your sale as the only commission for the day, so they might be more lenient when it comes to terms. No matter when you choose to purchase a car, it always pays to be informed and do your research. Consider all your options, new and used, and don’t let the salesperson persuade you in the wrong direction. It’s better to feel confident in your purchase than have buyer’s regret as soon as you’re handed the keys.
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