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Best Ways to Save Gas on Your Road Trip

November 30, 2018
Traveling by road is by far one of the most economical and enjoyable ways to reach long distance destinations. However, saving money on gas can be challenging, especially when you are packing all the stuff in the vehicle along with having friends and family in the car. Hence, a few simple tips to save on gas on a long-distance can do wonders. From simple tire pressure check to using cruise control for maximizing fuel efficiency, there are some great ways to save on gas on your next family vacation. Whether you are traveling from the east coast to the west or driving interstate from north to south, these useful methods can help you save a lot of money on fuel expense:

Visit your local mechanic

Your road trip should start from a visit to your favorite mechanic. Make sure to have your tires checked for any bruises or sign of wear and tear. A rundown tire will require your engine to do more work in order to keep your car steady on the road. Have the air filter checked and replaced if required. Have your car inspected for a break and engine oil for safety and efficiency purposes. A nice and clean engine can give you more mileage than an old one.

High speeds mean more fuel consumption

Speeding on the road is not only dangerous, but it also takes up more fuel than usual. It is always better to drive at a steady pace and avoid accelerating the car too much, otherwise, you will lose your gas at a rapid pace. The best way to drive on a regular speed is to use cruise control. Experts suggest that cruising at or below 50mph is a great way to optimize your car fuel.

Do your research before filling up the car tank

Did you know that gas prices may vary by state or even city. Therefore, it is always better to check up fuel rates in your local area and at your destination. Make sure your tank is full before leaving on the trip. Buying gas in the morning and the start of the week gives you the best value for your money, as gas is denser on cool mornings and cheaper at the start of the week.

Check the temperature outside

The best time to hit the road is early in the morning when the as air is cooler and the road view is clearer. Lower temperatures help in keeping your engine cool when you are driving long distances. Also, you probably would not air conditioning in the morning and this will provide savings on fuel cost.

Extra space does not mean you need extra luggage

One of the best ways to save on fuel costs on a road trip is to keep your car weight low. This can be done by taking out extra seats if you are using a minivan or packing heavy suitcases. A road trip helps you enjoy the scenery and a good company. However, to make your road trip more memorable and enjoyable, you need to ensure that you do not spend too much on fuel. Using some simple tips, you can save on gas and use those extra bucks to enjoy other leisure activities during your travel.
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