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How To Keep The Interior Of Your Car Clean And Protected

July 31, 2018
A clean car can make a world of difference. From improved resale value to daily comfort, keeping your vehicle clean has many benefits. But, if you don’t do it very often, getting your car clean and keeping it that way can be a real pain. The good news is … there’s a better way. If you’re tired of trying to get your car clean, keep reading for a few ways to get the interior of your car looking great—and keep it that way.

Assemble Your Tools

To get your car nice and clean, you’ll need a few tools. Thankfully, you probably already have many of these items laying around the house. At a minimum, you’ll need:
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • An assortment of cleaning products
  • A few rags, cloths, and a scrubbing brush
To get all the dirt out, a vacuum with a hose and a few different cleaning attachments is your best bet. Most household units will do. For cleaning products, the hard surfaces (including the windows) in most vehicles can be cleaned with common household cleaners, a good window cleaning product, and an automotive surface protectant like Armor All. For carpets and cloth seats, you’ll need an upholstery cleaner and a leather protectant for leather for leather surfaces.

Seats, Carpets, and Floors

In many cars, it’s easiest to start with the seats and floors. These are often some of the dirtiest areas in your car. Start by vacuuming off the seats and carpets, being sure to get the dirt and debris out of all the cracks and crevices in the seats. Use a narrow, crevice attachment to reach those tight spaces. If the seats and carpets are dirty enough, you may want to shampoo them after you’ve vacuumed. Most household carpet cleaners will work for both the seats and carpets in your vehicle, assuming you have fabric seats. But, automotive cleaners are available too. Be sure to test any cleaners in a small area before cleaning the rest of the car. Leather seats do need some special attention. After vacuuming, you’ll want to treat them with a leather protectant to ensure long life and maximum comfort.

Windows and Mirrors

Windows and mirrors are a bit simpler. Just use your window cleaning solution and clean as you would clean the windows and mirrors in your home. Be careful when cleaning tinted windows though. Some aftermarket tints can be damaged by cleaners that contain ammonia.

Hard Surfaces

If the hard surfaces of your car—usually the dash, console, and door panels—are mostly plastic or composite materials they can often simply be wiped down with a wet rag or microfiber cloth. Unless your vehicle has seen some serious abuse, you’ll likely find little more than dust and dirt on your dash and other surfaces. But, if the build-upis heavy enough, you may want to vacuum some areas before wiping them down. Once you’ve cleaned the hard surfaces, it’s time to add some protectant. This will help keep them cleaner and protect them from the damaging effects of sunlight. Plastic surfaces can be wiped down with a common protectant like Armor All. Leather should be treated with a good leather protectant, just like leather seats.

Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean and Protected

Getting your car clean isn’t as difficult as you may think. Once you’ve given it a good cleaning, stick to a regular schedule so that dirt and grime don’t build up. For most drivers, a quick wipe down and vacuum once a month is all ittakes to keep your car looking good after a thorough cleaning.
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