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Is Your Car Ready For The Summer?

April 12, 2018
It’s almost that time of the year again. The sun is out and you need to get your car ready for summer. After enduring a cold winter, it feels nice to finally be able to drive in warm weather but your car better be up for it. Take a look below at a few ways you can make sure your ride is ready to shine.


First thing’s first, you need to ditch the winter tire set. Once the snow melts, there is no need to have your winter tires on as they have a lot more traction than you will need in the summer months. If you are still riding the winter set during the dry summer months, you might be wearing out the tires quicker than they should since they are made for the cold. Winter tires are designed to be driven when the weather is 45 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Summer tires have less thread, causing less friction which will provide a better ride in dry weather. In a perfect world, you should have two sets of wheels to go with your winter and summer tires just to make it easier to switch. During the installation process, make sure to have the adequate PSI on each tire and check for any damage since they’ve been sitting for a few months without use. If you are having an issue deciding what tires to get for your car visit Tirerack.

Go under the Hood

During the winter, you probably neglected your car since it was too cold to be outside working under the hood. Now that the cold is gone, be sure to check your transmission, coolant, power steering & Windshield washer fluids. If any of these levels are low, make sure you top them off accordingly. You should also take a look at your brake fluid and battery as well. Pay special attention to the brake fluid levels. If low, this in an indication of a leak or too much brake pad wear at which point you should take it to a mechanic. Lastly, a fresh oil change at the beginning of the summer will make sure that your car is good for the next 3-5 months.

Stay cool

A lot of people overlook the importance of air conditioning in the car. If you don’t want your AC to go during the worst time possible, check it right at the beginning of summer. Don’t assume that your AC will be good just because it was working fine the last time you used it. The best way to check is to turn it on and listen for strange noises and pay attention to any weird smells that may come out of the vents. If you smell something, check the cabin air filter, it may need changing. If the air coming out is hot, you may need to recharge your AC. There are kits available that make it easier to add the refrigerant to have your car blowing cold air again. If this is something you don’t want to deal with, take it to a mechanic before the weather gets too hot, you will be glad you did. Also consider getting a sunshade to keep your car cool while its parked, it will preserve your interior and prevent third degree steering wheel burns.

Wash & Wax

After all that winter driving, your car’s paint is probably begging for a nice wash. During the winter, most people neglect washing their cars since they constantly keep getting dirty with all the snow and salt on the road. Take this opportunity to show your car that TLC it needs by having it washed and waxed to help preserve that nice exterior. Detailing is a great way to make sure your car is as clean as possible and looking its best inside and out. After cleaning your car, don’t forget to switch out the old wiper blades. Chances are, all that snow has taken its toll and a summer set of blades are more flexible than winter blades. Now that you’ve covered all the bases, you’re ready to get on the road. Being prepared always pays off in the long run. Summer is the best time to drive and nothing is better than having peace of mind while doing so.
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