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Top 5 fuel-efficient Cars of 2018

December 07, 2018
With rising costs of petrol and natural gas, fuel economy has become a significant concern for consumers. People who are thinking of buying a new car this year are spending a lot of time considering their options for the most fuel-efficient vehicles available within their budget. The fuel efficiency of the car can be on the number of miles per gallon or kilometers traveled per liter of fuel. Cars offering a mileage above 30 mpg are considered very efficient. Automobile manufacturers today don't just focus on the engine to increase their car mileage. Every little detail from outer body shape to the design of side view mirrors are taken into consideration while manufacturing the most fuel-efficient cars in the 21st century. Here is a list of some of the most fuel-efficient cars available to consumers in 2018:

5-Honda Fit

The Honda Fit has a compact size and an aerodynamic shape to give users an average of 33 mpg while in a metropolitan area and nearly 40 mpg on a highway. This car is quite useful for commuters who have to travel long distances on a daily basis and need to save on gas to meet their monthly expenses.

4-Toyota Prius

This model from Toyota has been known for its fuel efficiency for many years. The latest series from the manufacturer boasts a flashy dashboard with multiple fuel economy options on display. The electric engine can support the car movement up to speeds of 25 mph before gas power kicks in. The vehicle is quieter and provides users with a better driving experience from its predecessors. Drivers can enjoy an average of nearly 50mpg in this car.

3-Honda Insight

Equipped with a hybrid gas and electric engine, the Honda Insight provides an attractive 50 mpg on average. This four-door sedan has a strong electric engine that can move the car at low speeds with minimal sound. The gas engine comes into play when high acceleration is needed.

2-Hyundai Elantra

One of the most attractive looking cars on the road with great fuel economy, Hyundai Elantra boasts a great exterior and a sophisticated interior. This Model has been upgraded with many different features to make it more fuel efficient than its predecessors. The car travels a distance of 40miles on a single gallon when traveling on a highway and just above 30mpg in the city.

1-Kia Niro

This SUV by Kia is one of the most fuel efficient and spacious cars available in the market today. In the city, it gives a decent average mileage of just above 40 mpg. Powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder combustion engine and a powerful lithium-ion battery. It is also one of the most economical automobiles available in the market today starting at about $23,490. When buying a new car, consumers should take into account the running costs associated with the vehicle they are going to purchase. Fuel expense can take up a significant chunk of your monthly budget. Hence, it is essential that you buy a car that can help you travel long distances with a minimal amount of gas in your tank.
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