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Top 5 Longest Range EVs

February 19, 2020
For any prospective buyer of an electric vehicle, driving range is one of the biggest factors to consider. Not all electric vehicles are made equal, and not all will have the range consumers may desire. According to data from the United States Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources, the median—or middle value in a list of numbers, not to be confused with mean or average—range of electric vehicles is 125 miles, or about 201 kilometers. While this represents a huge shift in utility versus the median recorded in 2011—73 miles or about 117 kilometers—it still may not be enough for all drivers, especially those who routinely make long trips in areas with a poor electric charging station network. However, this is just the median value. Indeed, gone are the days of electric vehicles having laughable ranges that were wildly impractical for all but the most dedicated of EV fans. Now, companies like Tesla, Hyundai, and Kia are leading the long-range charge, among many more. The top dogs all offer electric vehicles with over 200 miles of range, but only a select few are at the pinnacle. Here are the top five available in the US (although all are available nearly worldwide), ranked from shortest range to longest range.

KIA SOUL EV: 243* MILES (391* KM)

The Kia Soul EV has an asterisk next to its range for an important reason: the 2020 version isn’t out yet! Currently, the Kia Soul EV (model year 2019) has a range of just 111 miles (178 kilometers), but its 2020 iteration promises to make big changes. Completely redesigned for 2020, you won’t just get updated styling with the new Soul EV, you’ll also get a whopping 243 miles of range from a full battery charge, more than twice as much as before!


Although still under the Hyundai Motor Group umbrella like its Kia cousin, the Hyundai Kona Electric gets no asterisk next to its impressive figure of 258 miles of range. Instead, the Hyundai Kona Electric is available now, and it’s good. Just one of Hyundai’s many CUV and SUV offerings, the Kona is this Korean brand’s subcompact crossover offering. Already getting positive reviews from journalists, the Kona Electric model adds full EV capability and a class-leading driving range.


The 300-mile-and-up range is where cars really hit the big leagues, and only one brand presently dominates here: Tesla. Introduced as the smaller and less expensive sibling to the Model S in the Tesla family, the Model 3 Long Range holds its own with a range that beats almost any vehicle on the road (unless that vehicle is another Tesla, of course). Coupled with its 310 mile driving range is a top speed of 145 miles per hour and a 0-60 time of just 4.4 seconds, all thanks to its instantaneous torque provided by dual electric motors. This Tesla is not only practical, it’s extremely fast: lose-your-license-in-five-seconds fast.


Next up in the Tesla hierarchy is the Model X Long Range. With a maximum range of 325 miles, we are running out of superlatives to use to describe the range these vehicles have. It’s simply better than any competitors, at least for now. Aside from stellar performance—another 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds—is this big Tesla’s practicality. Its quiet cabin and available three-row seating make it a sensible choice as an SUV, although drawbacks include gimmicky falcon-wing rear doors and build quality. Plus, it doesn’t quite have the range as the next car on our list.


Last on our list but first in terms of range is the undisputed king of long-range EVs: the very creatively-named Tesla Model S Long Range. The now seven-year-old Model S used to be available in many different trims, but the only two on sale now are the Long Range and Performance, the former of which we’re focusing on—although the Performance is no slouch in terms of range, either. With 370(!) miles worth of range from its dual electric motor power plant, this Tesla dominates every other EV currently on sale. It’s quick, practical due to its liftback design, and unquestionably the best choice for you if you’re looking for the longest-range EV around!
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