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Types of Fuel Used in Cars Today

December 26, 2018
Most automobiles on the road today use a combustion engine for acceleration. This type of engine uses fuels like petroleum and natural gas to burn and create energy to push the pistons which eventually rotate the tire. When fuel is burnt, it creates a blast inside the engine. Fuel supply companies used to add lead in the mixture to reduce this noise. Over time, researchers have found that lead is hazardous for human health therefore, benzene has been used as a substitute and the fuel is now known as unleaded fuel. Gas stations offer multiple types of car fuel today. Here are some of the commonly known ones: Petrol As one of the most widely used types of fuel in vehicles today, petrol allows for quick ignition of the car and helps in acceleration as well. During petrol combustion, Carbon Dioxide is emitted, which is harmful to the environment therefore, researchers have been trying hard for a long time to find an alternative to this fuel type.

CNG or Compressed Natural Gas

Compared to petrol, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is much less harmful to the surrounding atmosphere. Petrol or Diesel engines can easily be converted to run on compressed natural gas by placing a CNG kit in your car. CNG can be used in gaseous or liquid state as well.


Thanks to Rudolph Diesel who invented this type of fuel, drivers of heavy vehicles like truck, trailers, and tractors have to spend less on running heavy automobiles. Since diesel is denser than other common fuel types like petrol and natural gas, more energy can be extracted from it per liter. However, during combustion, compounds like nitrous oxide are released from the exhaust which creates smog in the environment.


To make efficient use of natural resources, countries all over the world are emphasizing on the use of biofuels. Biofuel is produced using alternative energy resources including Wheat, Corn, Rice, and even food waste. This type of fuel is helping companies around the globe to conserve natural energy and help save the environment.


It is one of the most environmentally friendly fuel types available in the market today. Ethanol is prepared from natural ingredients like corn, sugarcane, and barley. One of the most significant benefits of using ethanol in a motor vehicle is that it can be readily used in a gasoline engine without any further modification. This saves costs and helps drivers in contributing to a greener environment.


Electricity is the most recent addition to automobile fuel types in the market. Governments all over the world are providing subsidies to car manufacturers that are producing electric cars. Supercharging stations in the United States can recharge an electric battery in a matter of minutes. The best part of electric cars is that they do not emit any hazardous gas from the engine. So, if you are purchasing a new car for yourself or your loved ones, then you should find out about the fuel sources that can be used for the car engine. It may help you in saving costs while making a positive impact on your surrounding environment.
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