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Using your Fortem Trunk Organizer (V1 & V2)

May 21, 2019
Trunk organization can prove to be a problem if you’re storing or transporting multiple items. From emergency supplies, cleaning supplies, tools, groceries, and much more, the space in your trunk can fill up quickly with necessary items. Fortunately, our Fortem Trunk Organizer V1 and Trunk Organizer V2 are here to save the day and make your life a little easier. While they’re slightly different products, they have a lot in common, and share a singular purpose: organizing and compartmentalizing the items you keep in your trunk. Both are made from high quality 600D nylon, strong enough to keep their form and carry bags of heavy groceries, even when packed to the brim. Carry handles on opposite sides of each organizer make transportation a breeze, especially when two sets of hands are needed for particularly heavy items. Both also offer versatility in compartment size and plenty of space to fit almost anything you’d need, and all at a low cost of $23.99 and $29.99 for the V1 and V2, respectively. So other than their load-bearing credentials, what specific tasks can you use them for? TRUNK ORGANIZER V1 The Trunk Organizer V1 is a straightforward organizer: use it for anything and everything you need. It features two large main sections split down the middle of the organizer, with an easily-removable nylon panel forming a third storage compartment. Four mesh pockets on one side and two larger pockets with closing flaps on the front provide additional storage for smaller items and accessories. Use the large main compartments for your bigger storage items; think emergency supplies, tools, cleaning supplies, and electronic accessories, like we mentioned above. These compartments will easily fit anything from a tire inflator, to windshield washing fluid, to a loaded first aid kit. Use the abundant space to organize as you see fit. Even after packing the organizer with these essentials, you’ll likely have much space left over. Consider utilizing this space for your weekly or biweekly grocery shopping. The rigid structure will keep everything in place while protecting it from sudden bangs and impacts, abrupt braking, and the like. You’ll have peace of mind that your groceries won’t move around, thanks to two non-slip velcro strips strategically placed to prevent sliding. Once grocery shopping is done and it’s time to bring it inside, use the heavy duty carrying handles to comfortably transport everything from your trunk to your home. Don’t worry, these handles can handle a lot of weight! Now, you’re left with the side pockets. Although not nearly as big as the main storage compartments, these pockets are great for smaller accessories. Use them for holding loose tools like screwdrivers or wrenches, miscellaneous bottles, and even snacks for your kids. The mesh material will stretch to conform to and accommodate even awkwardly shaped items that regular compartments in your vehicle won’t be able to fit. When your organizer isn’t in use, or you just need some extra space in the trunk, it’s easy to fold it up and tuck it away—it’s flat and unobtrusive. When it’s needed again, simply unlatch the retaining buckles and voila, it’s ready for use again! TRUNK ORGANIZER V2 The Trunk Organizer V2 is similar in design and utility to the V1, with several key differences. Retaining the same durable 600D nylon and versatile organization (and folding design), the V2 comes with a sturdy lid, adjustable velcro strips, and a waterproof bottom panel, ensuring any accidental spills won’t damage your belongings. The V2 is almost as light in weight as its older sibling, but with an even greater load-carrying capacity. Just like the V1, use the large main storage compartments for the big stuff, like maintenance items for your vehicle, emergency equipment, and tools. If you like to be active, you’ll also appreciate both organizers’ ability to easily transport sports equipment too. For grocery shopping, the V2 is even more capable. Its construction is a little more heavy duty than its predecessor, allowing you to comfortably carry this organizer to and from your home even when loaded to the brim. Side pockets share the same utility, with plenty of space for any small accessory you need, all organized in a neat, easily-accessible package. VERSATILITY AND UTILITY Both our Fortem Trunk Organizer V1 and Trunk Organizer V2 are the perfect accessories for anyone in need of a little trunk organization and extra vehicle utility in their life. From keeping vital emergency supplies organized and in sight, to transporting essential vehicle maintenance supplies, to making grocery shopping a breeze, these trunk organizers are the companions you need. Ready to get your own? Check them out on our website and Amazon virtual storefront, where you’ll find many more useful items!
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