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Why Your Truck Needs a Bed Liner

September 15, 2018
Trucks are made for hauling. But, before you load down the bed of your truck, do you ever wonder what all that abuse might be doing to your truck? Truck beds are durable, not invincible. You don’t need to look at the beds of too many old work trucks to see what years of abuse can do. If you’ve ever questioned why you should shell out the extra cash to protect the bed of your truck, read on for a look at why your truck needs a bed liner.

Protect Your Truck’s Bed

One of the most obvious benefits of a truck bed liner is the ability to protect your truck’s bed. If you use your truck to haul anything--even just the occasional home improvement project--the bed can take some real abuse. Since the bed of your truck is just painted sheet metal, and no different than the side panels, hood, or other exterior surface, it can be scratched or dented surprisingly easily. It doesn’t take much to start losing paint and develop sizeable dents. A bed liner, whether it’s a spray in liner or a drop in plastic unit, can keep your bed from losing paint and protect it from most dents and dings.

Protect Your Truck’s Cargo

Another great reason to add a bed liner to your truck is to protect your cargo. While you might think of bed liners as protection for your truck, they actually do a great job of protecting cargo too. Rather than allowing your cargo to slide around on a bare metal surface, bed liners provide a softer surface for your cargo to sit on. Spray on bed liners provide a little extra protection by giving the bed a sticky, rubber surface that helps cargo stay in place rather than sliding around.

What Type of Bed liner Should You get

Although there are other types, bed liners are most often available in two styles: -Plastic, drop in bed liners - Spray-on bed liners

Plastic bed liners

provide great protection from bumps and scrapes. They also make it easy to shovel material like dirt or gravel out of the bed. But, plastic bed liners tend to trap dirt and water between the liner and the bed. They also tend to make the bed even more slippery, allowing cargo that hasn’t been secured to slide around freely.

Spray-in bed liners

Provide excellent protection and a tough, rubbery, non-slip surface. If you want maximum protection and a liner that will keep your cargo in place, you need a spray-in liner. Another big difference between the two is cost. Plastic bed liners are generally fairly inexpensive, while a spray-on liner may cost several hundred dollars to install.

Putting it all Together

Bed liners are a worthwhile addition to any truck--whether you use the bed much or not. A spray-in liner is the most durable option, giving users many years of use and maximum protection. Keep in mind that adding a spray-in liner could help increase the resale value of truck too.
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