Headlamp 2 Pack

  • 2 PACK – There are (2) LED headlamp rechargeable units included along with 2 charging cables and 8 hard hat clips. FORTEM light headband is the head lamp to wear or take with you to work every day.
  • VERSATILE HEADLIGHT FLASHLIGHT – FORTEM rechargeable headlamp features a 230-degree COB LED & spotlight XPE light, offering SIX different light modes for various activities. Works as a camping headlamp, outdoor hiking headlamp, hunting headlamp, hardhat headlamp, running headlamp, fishing and more.
  • HANDS-FREE DESIGN – The battery powered head lamp frees your hands to work on tasks, making it an ideal headlight for both outdoor adventurers and hands-on jobs. Head lights for forehead help illuminate exactly what you’re looking at. The Hands-free mode allows you to turn this bright headlamp on and off by simply waving your hand near the sensor.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: This LED headlamp for head provides even more convenience with a rechargeable battery, that eliminates the need to replace batteries. High lumen headlamp flashlight contains a 1200mAh battery allowing your head torch to last up to 8 hours depending on light mode used. Easily recharge within 2 hours with USB-A to USB C cable.
  • SUPER BRIGHT HEADLAMP: Headlamps for adults rechargeable ensures optimal visibility in the darkest environments. The COB mode’s high power 350 Lumen brightness and 230-degree range are unmatched.
  • DURABLE & COMPACT – The head flashlight headlamp is IPX4 waterproof, preventing water splashing and damaging components. Don’t worry about rain or snow, this headband flashlight is perfect for outdoor use. You can also fold and store easily in your pocket due to its sleek and lightweight design.
  • HEADLAMPS FOR ADULTS & KIDS: The headlamp comes with an adjustable headband that can fit both adults and children, making it easy to wear on head or for hardhat. This is the perfect head light for camping trips or activities at night with family.

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The FORTEM Headlamp Rechargeable 2pk is a versatile and reliable lighting solution for various outdoor and indoor activities. With a 230° wide beam LED head lamp and motion sensor, this headlamp provides excellent visibility, making it ideal for mechanics working on vehicles, hikers, campers, runners, and cyclists. It offers six different modes, including a 350 lumen hardhat flashlight, to adapt to various lighting needs. The headlamp is waterproof, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions. Additionally, the rechargeable battery ensures it is always ready for use. With its durability and functionality, the FORTEM Headlamp Rechargeable 2pk is an excellent investment for anyone who requires hands-free lighting.


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  1. coolblueglow

    First of all, I want to say that this is my second purchase of this headlamp system.

    Now I’ve owned a number of headlamps over the years, which I’ve used for various DIY projects but especially when I’m wrenching on one of my automobiles. They’re generally o.k. to meh…but

    In the past, headlamps have been a sort of love/hate thing. As a concept, they were pretty darned handy, but every one I tried suffered from various deficits which made them almost more trouble than they were worth, including;

    1. BATTERIES – expensive, and always weak or dead at the worst moment
    2. BULKY LAMP BODY – protruding from your forehead and banging into stuff in tight quarters
    3. WRONG KIND OF LIGHT – don’t get me wrong, sometimes a spotlight is the right choice, but for automotive work, about 90% of the time what one really needs is AREA light
    4. Goofy non-automotive features. I get it…red LED make sense if you are hunting or whatvever, and a flashing SOS could save your life in the wild. But I’m not. I’m in my garage. I don’t want a headlamp that I have to cycle through ten flashing / color / intensity combinations to get to basic white light.
    5. Headbands that fatigue and don’t stay in place.

    So, there’s the list of the “HATE” part of old-fashioned headlamps…which brings me to these little beauties from FORTEM. (I know, this sounds like a commercial. It’s not. I really really do use and like these – enough that I got four of them!)

    The FORTEM headlamp solves every single one of the traditional headlamp issues with zero fuss and some elegant and out-of-the-box thinking.

    1. RECHARGEABLE! Standard USBC recharging plug. Lasts several hours. gives clear warning as the batteries get weak. Charges fast enough to be practical. NO MORE dead AAA batteries! Yes!!!
    2. SMALL FOOTPRINT. They have FLEXIBLE forehead LED assemblies and a SIDE MOUNTED SPOT BODY. They are just way smaller and lower profile where it counts (in front) No more banging a big bulky headlamp / battery pack into stuff in tight quarters!
    3. BOTH KINDS OF LIGHT – Sure it has a spotlight, and the spotlight is good enough for zeroing in on close stuff (It is not an “in the woods raccoon finder” but IMO perfect for close to medium spot stuff, say 1-10 feet, which is where most people use most headlamps most of the time.) But the real bomb is the light STRIP on the front of the flexible headband. The light from this LED array is broad and smooth, lighting up an entire area while you are working while minimizing shadows and dark spots. It is absolutely ideal for working under a car, or in a wheelwell (brake jobs) or in a dash (stereo installs) or in a trunk replacing lamps or pulling out and changing a spare tire.
    4. Fast access to the RIGHT KIND OF LIGHT. Yes, four button pushes cycle you through the four light types, which make perfect sense. Bright area/dim area, Bright spot/dim spot, OFF. That’s it. No flashing, no red LED, no SOS signals or alien spaceship drawing devices. Just light… 🙂
    5. The headband does NOT stretch out and slip around. The rubber backed flexible LED strip keeps the light exactly where it is supposed to stay, and yet is so comfortable that I often forget I’m wearing it. This is a light, well balanced and comfortable device. Someone reallly did their homework on this one.

    So it solves all my headlamp HATE issues and doesn’t introduce any new ones. Battery life is a couple hours, so I solved that quite simply. I have FOUR of these puppies. More than enough to cover a full work day, or enough to loan to a buddy if I am working with a helper. Just make sure you get it back, because they WILL disappear if you’re not careful. They’re that good. Moisture protection is above average. Of course, you can’t swim in them, but the buttons are sealed as is the recharger port, so routine moisture is not a problem. Mild raindrops, plumbing work, etc. They’ll keep on working with no fuss.

    Finally, they have one super handy new feature. I don’t use it a lot but when I need it it is great. That feature is touchless actuation. Step 1: Turn on the light to your selected light type (area/spot/dim/bright) Step 2: Press the second switch. That’s it. Now, with a wave of your hand near the headlamp control module, you can cycle the light of your choice on and off without touching anything. Pretty cool and very useful if you are doing a very dirty task and need to turn your light off and on…like plumbing work, oil changes, brake jobs, or any other work where a dirty hand to the headband isn’t the most pleasant thing. To turn off touchless feature, cycle the touchless switch again…touchless goes away. Yes! TWO buttons! Not “one button does fifteen things”.

    CONCLUSION: HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these for anyone doing automotive/electronic/underhouse/HVAC/DIY anything. They just work.

    5+ stars. This is my second set and I will buy more when these finally wear out, get lost or stolen by my buddies who want one. 🙂

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