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3 Signs Of a Bad Remote Starter

July 20, 2018
Having a remote starter equipped with your car seems like the best thing for a driver. You most likely enjoy the convenience of being able to start your car from your house or across the parking lot. This beats the time you would normally sit in your car and wait in the freezing ice box until it warms up. But with all good things, there are always the bad as well. Sooner or later, the remote starter will start experiencing problems. If any of these problems occur that I will mention below, it is time to get it replaced.

1. Clicking the Key Fob Once or Twice Does Not Work

When you first get your key fob, ideally it should work flawlessly. Taking positioning and maximum distance into account, your car should turn on after just one click. Maybe sometimes you had to double click which can be normal as well. But if double clicking is a constant action or even more clicks, try to change the battery in the key fob. If that doesn’t provide a solution to the problem, there is probably an issue that regards electrical complications whether its in your car or remote starter. Hopefully it’s the latter; if that’s the case you can just have the key fob replaced.

2. Self-start a New Thing?

Let’s say you don’t have problems starting your vehicle. In fact, your car likes being on so much that it starts turning on without your help. Sometimes there can be a short in the key fobs relay system and it is possible for an electrical surge to start the cars ignition on its own. This can happen at anytime and is a serious safety issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. Worst case scenario, while the ignition turned on, the car kicked into gear and can roll away from its parking spot, running over a person or hitting someone else’s property. Therefore, do not delay in having the car and remote checked out.

3. Distance You Can Use the Starter Has Decreased

One of the first signs of malfunctioning over time is when the ignition can’t be turned on from a distance you were used to. One day it might not start anymore from your room and now you must be outside of your house to have it work. If this is simply an issue of old age of the remote, most likely changing the battery will resolve this. If that doesn’t work, there is probably a problem with the relay sensor of the remote. If the car fails to start entirely, you should get your car checked out as well as the remote. It’s better to be safe and confirm that there aren’t any malfunctions in your car and the problem is strictly the remote.
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