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Upgrading Your Headlights

July 17, 2018
If you’re a car owner, you know how important it is to have a nice, bright set of headlights. New headlights are an easy way to add some flare to your ride. For those of us that don’t have the means to get a brand new car with premium headlights, there are aftermarket options available that have become cheaper and easier to install. Take a look below at the different types of headlights and find out which type of upgrade is right for you. Make sure to consider every option available.

Halogen Headlights

If you simply want some brighter headlights but don’t want to spend much to achieve this, halogen light bulbs are your best option. Your car is already equipped with these basic headlights but there are some available at your local auto parts store that will provide brighter coverage. This is sort of a quick fix and may prove to cost more money in the long run since you will be replacing these more often than HID or LED. These bulbs are filled with halogen gas and are very susceptible to body oils so when installing, make sure to use gloves. Again, this is the budget conscious decision and you won’t be able to see a drastic difference unless your car had the most basic headlights installed to begin with. The average life of a halogen bulb is 500-1,000 hours.

HID Xenon Headlights

HID (High Intensity Discharge) xenon bulbs are much brighter than halogen headlights and brighter than some LED lights as well. The only issue with these lights is that they are not as durable as LED which may cause you to replace sooner. HID headlights do not require a reflective housing like halogen headlights do and are instead housed in a projector which helps move the light to where the driver needs it most. In addition to improving nighttime driving, HIDs also bring some style to your car. Installation is not as easy as the halogen headlights but you can still manage to do it on your own. There are HID kits available everywhere especially on Amazon but make sure you know which one you’re getting and know how to properly install it if you are doing it yourself. Do your research and watch videos on YouTube of your make and model to see how others have already fitted their cars. The set up process is the longest compared to LED and Halogen but it is nothing to be discouraged about. A lot of power needs to be drawn from your car to create the brightest light possible, causing these lights to become very hot. The average life span of an HID headlight is about 2,000-3,000 hours.

LED Headlights

Although LED headlights have been around the least amount of time, they are proving to be favored among a lot of car enthusiasts looking to upgrade their car. HID and LED are very similar in the amount of light they can produce although, LED is more efficient with the use of energy taken from your car to power up. The quality of the light emitted is another reason why it is preferred over HID kits. Although HID can provide brighter light depending on the bulb, the light is not always a perfect white, it sometimes has different hues of yellow, blue and red. You will also enjoy the ease of installation with LED kits. The best part about these LEDs is the life span is about 50,000 hours! Now that you’ve considered every option, it’s clear to see which lights are worth the investment. LEDs offer the best quality light as well as the longest life span. If your headlights are out and need immediate replacement, perhaps halogen is the right for you but if you are planning to upgrade and were thinking about HIDs, now you know that LEDs are the better choice.
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