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4 Ways to Keep Your Car Organized

June 12, 2018
We’ve all been there at one point, trying to clean out your car and putting it off every weekend. Next Saturday is the day you will finally take all the junk out of your car and give it the care it deserves. Here are five awesome products that will make it that much easier to separate the junk and keep your car as organized as possible.


You took care of the trunk, now how about you make use of the seats? By using a backseat organizer, you are basically creating more space by having something to hang all of your kid’s everyday stuff. You simply attach the organizer to the back of the passenger headrest and you have more storage just like that. Shop around and look for your specific requirements as many have different features such as iPad pockets and even insulated cup holders.


That sun visor is not only good for blocking out the sun. Make some more use out of it by attaching a visor caddy. Dee Zee offers a great model that is easy to install and can be used effortlessly while driving. You can use it to store anything you need nearby but don’t want to reach over to the glove box for.


Your car trunk needs just as much care as the passenger seats. Why don’t you start off by using a trunk organizer to store all that stuff that has been rolling around in the back. This organizer is great to keep everything from groceries to that extra bottle of oil you carry around. With 3 separate compartments, you can keep track of all your items. Sturdy walls make it strong enough for everyday use without having to worry about anything falling out. This product is ideal for anyone looking to keep everything in their trunk together in one container. There are a variety available online but the Fortem model is a solid start.


If you have a truck, take advantage of all that space in the back with a nice, solid gearbox. This product by Husky Liners is the perfect way to create more storage while moving the mess out of sight. You can fill it up with all your tools and equipment and simply stash it under the back seats. This gearbox is great for all that stuff you want to keep in the car but don’t necessarily use often. These are just a few items that will make your life easier next time you’re ready to get rid of all that clutter once and for all!
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