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How to Choose the Right Rental

June 08, 2018
Whether you’re on vacation or simply traveling when you don’t have your own car, renting a car can be the right thing to do. Before you sign those papers though, there are a few things you might want to consider. There are many factors and a little bit of research that should be done before you rush into renting that nice convertible that you always wanted to drive. The most important factor to consider would have to be your budget. After that, you will want to figure out what type of car you need, whether it has enough room or not, etc. When all the hard work is done, you will be glad you took the time to choose the vehicle you need, not the one that looked cool. Here are a few things to look for when renting a car.


You may need more seats than you think. Keep in mind just how many people will be with you during the duration of the rental. Most importantly, let’s not forget about comfort. So, while a small sedan which has five seats may fit your family of five, you may want to consider a car with an extra seat so that everyone can be comfortable. If you will be bringing along a baby in a car seat, an extra seat nearby can be used as space to put important baby accessories, so it will be easier to reach when needed. Planning further down the line is also a good thing to do. One thing that some people might forget to consider is accounting for potential passengers at some point during the car rental.

Carrying Capacity

What will you be bringing with you for the trip? Whether it’s simply everyday items or bigger things like boxes or camping gear, you’ll need to think about that. Don’t forget to check out the trunk to see if it fits your needs. Also, if the vehicle has fold down seats, that can help create some extra cargo room if you aren’t using those seats for passengers.

Tow Package

Thinking about towing a trailer along as well? If so, remember that not all vehicles are able to tow things. Look into selecting a vehicle with a towing package that will accommodate your needs. If you don’t need to tow anything, keep an eye out if they included it or not since that can save you some money.


Before considering any of the options, outline a budget that ranges from a minimum to a maximum that you would like to spend. When you have your budget, it will be easier to find what you want and need that still falls into the range that you are willing to spend. This will also help you decide what you really need and what you can leave out.

Type of Car

While everything I mentioned plays an important role in the decision, renting a type of car should also be important. You need to think about where you will be driving and the weather outside. If it will be raining or snowing during your whole trip, a car that offers All Wheel Drive might be the deciding factor.
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