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5 Necessities in Case of Emergency

May 24, 2018
With all of the driving we do, it’s very important to keep in mind that you should always be ready for whatever comes your way on the road. You never know what situation you will run into away from home. Here are 5 essential things that you should keep in your car at all times to make your life easier.

First Aid

First and Foremost, every car owner should have a first aid kit ready to use. A proper kit should include all of the essential items: Band-Aids, Antiseptic Wipes, Aspirin, gauze pads and any other medical item that you or your family members need specifically. Hopefully, you will never have to use the first aid kit but it never hurts to keep one in the car, especially when you’re going on long trips away from home. There are a number or ready to use kits out there but you can also make your own, just make sure to have everything mentioned above.

Multi-purpose tool

A multi-purpose tool is very handy and may even save your life! One such tool that you should consider is a Swiss Army Knife. There are so many uses for this tool since it comes with pliers, screw driver, scissors, knife and even a bottle opener. Perhaps the most important tool that you should make sure is included is a glass windshield breaker. This small tool will help you break the glass in your car if you are trapped inside during an accident. One small tool could mean the difference between life and death but hopefully, it never comes to that.

Jumper Cables

We see people on the side of the road trying to jump start their car all the time but never think it will happen to us. Jumper cables are relatively easy to use with the help of someone else. You simply hook up your battery to another car while it’s running and wait for your battery to charge up enough to turn your car on. Once your car is on, your alternator will do the rest and make sure your battery has enough juice to get you home safe. If you left your lights on and the battery drained, you should be okay after a jump start but, if the battery died on its own, make sure to get it checked and possibly replaced immediately. Batteries are notorious for dying when you least expect it, especially during the cold winter months so make sure to keep those jumper cables in the trunk.


If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, the only thing that would make it worse is being without a light source. Nowadays, even our phones come equipped with a flashlight so there is no excuse to not have one in your car. Flashlights are especially helpful when you have to check under your hood or need to change a tire at night. They’re also useful for getting the attention of nearby drivers at night to ask for help or simply warn them about your disabled vehicle and avoid accidents.

Portable Tire inflator

This is a no-brainer; a flat tire is easily the most common problem that will disable your vehicle so you better make sure to keep a tire inflator in your trunk. What are you going to do when you reach for that spare tire only to find out it’s also gone flat. The only options you have if you are without a tire inflator is to drive on your flat tire and destroy it completely or call an expensive tow truck to take you the nearest tire shop. You can avoid his headache by being prepared for the worst. There a lot of tire inflators available and you will be surprised how small and portable they are so you better pick one up before you head out on your next trip. Next time you’re out shopping, make sure to grab all these items for your car. If you run into any of these scenarios, you will be glad you were prepared.
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