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5 Ways To Make Your Road Trip Safer

May 03, 2018
With daylight savings time now passed, spring is near! Which also means that it’s about to be warm enough for vacation time. After all the snow and bad weather New York has witnessed this winter, who wouldn’t want to get away for a bit? My favorite way to relax is to go on a road trip. Just take your family or friends, pack a few things and just drive away. Sounds simple right? You got it! It is, but to make it enjoyable requires organization. Here are 5 ways to organize a safer trip.
  • Have an emergency kit

Having an emergency kit is something essential that some do not think about. Instead of spending money and buying one, you can use items that are laying around the house. Grab some band-aids, alcohol swabs, flashlight, water bottles, pocket knife, cell phone charger. Another good item to have is a warm blanket or towel. It will become useful to put on the floor if you need to get under the car or if you are stuck inside your car in a cold weather environment.
  • Prepare before you hit the road

Make sure to have everything ready and set up before hitting the road. Have the GPS destination set. Set up any music before you go such as making a playlist the night before. Having distractions ready for the kids will help you from getting distracted. Also, don’t text and drive! If your car has Bluetooth, use it to answer people and make calls.
  • Fuel your drive

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before your long drive. Breakfast will help fuel your body with energy to stay awake. Having snacks are a good way to refuel when you’re starting to get tired. Even though coffee or energy drinks will help for a moment, they aren’t the best way to stay awake since they only last for a short amount of time. Taking breaks is also a good way to maintain your stamina even if you aren’t sleepy yet. Just pull over at a rest stop, stretch your legs, walk around, use the bathroom or use the free time to grab your snack. Also, sharing driving responsibilities will help a lot without losing time.
  • Have a smartphone app as an option

Using certain apps such as Waze can help you save time by finding the best route or guiding you around traffic jams. Since some areas can be completely without service, we recommend having a detailed map handy. Yes, it is very old school, but you never know when it can help you if service is out of range. I definitely learned my lesson! (twice).
  • Use a trunk organizer

A trunk organizer can help make your trip a little bit easier and safer. One way would be to hold your most important accessories in one place during a road trip such as a flashlight, first aid kit, repair tools, etc. A trunk organizer can also be used as an everyday necessity during daily trips to the store or your kids sporting event. It usually comes with various sized compartments to fit your child’s sport equipment or it helps keep your groceries from moving around all over the place and risk being damaged. No one wants extra problems to worry about when they are trying to get away from them all in the first place. So, on your next trip, my advice would be to plan ahead and plan to be safe.
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