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How to Ace Your Test Drive

April 26, 2018
Buying a car is not something people take lightly, it is an investment. It is important to see what car fits your needs best. There are many key aspects involved when making your decision. Finding a car with the best features is important however, the way a car drives should be a crucial factor in your decision to buy. Test driving a car lets you feel whether the car suits your needs while providing an adequate level of comfort. Since this new investment should only benefit you, it should also bring you happiness. Test driving a car should be a thrill for you and here are some tips on how to get the most out of your experience:

Do your homework

The market for cars is wide ranging in all different sizes, colors, and features. You don’t want to walk into the dealership with your eyes closed. Be sure to narrow down your options from the vast market to what will be right for you. Ask yourself questions like, “How big of a vehicle do I need?”, “Is this car for leisure or business?”, “What is my budget like?” After answering questions such as those you should be able to narrow down your search to just a few. Test driving a few cars is more realistic than surveying the entire dealership.

Is this Car Right for You?

Once in the car you want to make sure it fits just as a glove would. Once again, question yourself. You want to make sure you love what you are making an investment in. Ask yourself, did you find easy access for the car? Is it over my budget? How does the placement of the controls feel? We all know how important jamming out to music is in the car for you, are the settings within reach? Most importantly is the car what you expected, is it everything you want and more? When you walk up to the “car of your dreams” do you really want your first impression to be, “wow that’s such a weird shaped car?” NO. That first impression will be one that will last you for as long as you have that car, make it count!

Own the road

While test driving a car is it important to feel confident in both yourself and the car. You’ll want to take a familiar route, one that is not strange for you. Knowing the directions in which you need to take allow you to focus simply on what the car has to offer you. Let's say for example you are test driving a Dodge Challenger, taking this car on side streets does not let you experience all the car has to offer. Be sure to take your car out on the open road and just hit the gas to see what the car really has to offer (be careful of pedestrians, and police, safety first).

Try everything out

Some cars come fully loaded with Bluetooth, backup camera, parking sensors, heated seats and steering wheels, blind spot warnings, and keyless entry. But what is the point of having all these wonderful features if you simply don’t know how to use it. Don’t be afraid to ask your salesman at the dealership to show you all the nooks and crannies of the car. You want to know how to work everything from inside out, just ask. Always remember, there are no stupid questions!

Is the Ride Enjoyable from All Angles?

Most of the time you will be driving your car with a guest or two, you will want to do your best to maximize utility. Not only is your comfort important but the comfort of all your passengers is as well. Don’t be shy to jump from seat to seat. Try out the different angles in the car. Explore the car and all it has to offer, because the minute you drive that car out of the lot it becomes YOUR car. Buying a car should be a smart and enjoyable investment. We hope that these test driving tips help you maximize all of your options. Remember, don’t be afraid to leave the dealership and look elsewhere.
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