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How to Set Up the Best Sound System for Your Car

August 17, 2018
Many newer cars come with great sound systems. But that doesn’t mean most vehicles couldn’t use a little extra bump. And, with many drivers keeping cars on the road longer than ever, there are plenty of vehicles out there with tired-out speakers due for an upgrade. Thinking of upgrading your car’s sound system? Keep reading for a quick look at how to get your stereo upgraded the right way.

What Do You Really Need?

Before you begin looking for a new sound system, it’s important to consider what you actually need. Do you listen mostly to music? Or are you more interested in podcasts and audiobooks? Want to connect your phone? Or do you have a pristine collection of CDs you’d like to listen to? If your car or truck has a basic sound system that just doesn’t sound very good anymore, it might be best to stick with a basic system that will make listening to music or other audio fun again. But, if you want the loudest stereo around, you’ll need to pick up some slightly more advanced components. The right car audio system for you might not be the loudest or the flashiest. It just needs to meet your needs. Start by assessing what you’ve got and where you want to be.

Picking the Right Receiver

The right receiver can make all the difference. If you’re only thinking about picking up a few speakers, you may be in for some disappointment. A good receiver can allow you to connect more devices, play more CDs, or pump more power to speakers as well as use other services like Pandora or Satellite Radio. You should also look for one with Bluetooth connectivity. One of the biggest advantages of a better receiver is an increase in power and the ability to connect more speakers and an amp or subwoofer. The prices for Receivers Range from $50 to well over $400 so make sure you shop around to get the best deal for your budget.

Upgrading Your Speakers

If you’re driving an older vehicle with tired—or even blown out—speakers, you know how unpleasant poor audio quality can be. As important as a quality receiver can be, the right set of speakers can make a big difference too. For those just wanting to refresh an old audio system, replacing the stock speakers with similarly sized aftermarket components is probably all that’s necessary. But for optimal sound quality, you may want to move up in size and output power.

Do You Really Want to Feel It?

There’s more to a premium car audio system then speakers and a head unit. If you really want to take your sound up a notch, here are a few components that can significantly enhance audio quality:
  • Crossover - A crossover is a small device that can balance out frequencies and reduce vibrations in speakers.
  • Amplifier - Most car audio systems simply aren’t powerful enough to get the most out of the speakers. An amplifier can help send more power to speakers, giving you maximum volume.
  • Subwoofer - For better range—and that deep, bass sound, you need a subwoofer. A subwoofer is an additional speaker that helps you really get the most range out of your sound system.

Bringing It All Together

Setting up the best sound system for your car doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by choosing a receiver that meets your needs (Bluetooth is a must). Then, pick the speakers and components that will help you get the most out of your listening experience.
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