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Most Common Myths about Driving

February 01, 2019
Driving myths- you must have been hearing a lot about them since you first started driving. Most of us believe them and never bother to find out if they are true or not. Misconceptions are very common when it comes to driving; fromdriving with no shoes to drinking coffee while driving, there area plethora of old wives tales about driving. This false information from misleading articles and maybe evenfrom your parents does not only pervade media platforms, but can also be misleading and confusing. If you have also been an unsuspecting driver, here we have a few of the most common driving myths to help you drive safely.

Driving Myths Debunked

Myth 1: Change your Vehicle’s Oil Every 3000 miles

There is no denying that good drivers always stay up-to-date about their vehicle’s maintenance. However, it does not necessarily mean your car’s oil needs to be changed frequently. Changing oil every 3000 miles is one thing that every driver is told every now and then. Engine technology and oil chemistry have evolved drastically in the past few years. Automobiles are now designed with high-tech systems that do not require oil change for at least 7000 to 10,000 miles. In some high-end vehicles,oil change requirement goes up to 15,000 miles. Despite this fact, you often see a sticker inside a car’s windshield that reminds you to get an oilchange every 3000 miles. Do not fall for it, as it is just an easy way to make customers return to the automobileshop. It is better to verify the maintenance information from your vehicle’s manual. If you know what you’re doing, you can simply check your oil yourself and see if the color indicates an oil change is needed.

Myth 2: Using Hands-free is Safe While Driving

If you believe that using hands -free is safer than holding up your mobile phone, you are mistaken. That means using hands- free while driving does not improve your driving ability behind the wheel. Many studies have shown that using a hands-freedevice for conversation while driving does not reduce the risk of accidents. This is because when you are talking, you are distracted, and when you are distracted, anything can happen, regardless of what device you are using. Driving requires your full attention at all times.

Myth 3: Driving barefoot is Illegal

Although the Driving Standard Authority recommends driving with appropriate footwear, it is notillegal. That means if you are more comfortable driving your car with no shoes on, you can. After a long day at work, it may even be relaxing to drive without your shoes but just make sure to be very careful when applying gas, braking.

Myth 4: Red Cars gets Pulled Over More

If you are in the initial phases of driving, you must have heard that red vehicles are likely to get pulled over more. So, if your favorite color is red and this myth has stopped you so far from driving your red car, let us clear the misconception. There is no truth in that. Your car’s color does not have any relation with the number of speeding tickets you get. Only your driving skills determine that. The point is you are not supposed to believe everything you hear unless you find it logical. It is better to dig deeper and explore the facts on your own by doing some research.
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