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Must Have Accessories For New Drivers

July 06, 2018
With an increased rate of younger drivers, safety should be a priority. There are many car accessories that focus on making the driving experience easier and safer for beginners. Also, these can be good gift ideas as well. Here are a few of these must-have items:
  1. A water-proof rubber mat is a must. Dirt always travels as well as snow and having a waterproof mat will keep your car cleaner. The mat can easily be cleaned, and the fabric of the car underneath will stay protected.
  2. A big one for first timers, would be a reverse backup camera and sensor, if the car doesn’t already have one. For someone who isn’t very experienced and coming into grip on safe driving, the camera will be a huge asset for safety. Backing up into a driveway or a parking spot can be very tricky and risky but having a camera and sensors with make everything smoother and not distract the driver as much.
  3. Another huge help would be to have a larger extended rearview mirror in the center. It will improve the drivers view of all directions. Most importantly, if the driver forgets to check all their blind spots, the extended mirror will help eliminate those blind spots.
  4. A dash cam can be a huge asset to have. Not only will you get to record a memorable drive, but if an accident happens to occur, the dash cam will come in handy as proof.
  5. If the driver’s car does not support Bluetooth, have no fear because Belkin is here. Belkin created a Bluetooth car kit which plugs into your car and the driver can easily listen to music or make calls wirelessly.
  6. A USB car charger is also a must. Our phones always come in handy, but what would you do if your battery died. Having a car charger will come in handy if your stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  7. Even though this accessory seems like it’s more for the parents, but a GPS tracker is a good thing to have. You install it into your vehicle and it connects to your phone. You will always know where your car is, and it becomes very useful if someone tries to steal your car.
  8. A tire pressure monitoring system is very useful to keep track of the tire pressure. Check your car manual to see the PSI that your tires should be set to and use the monitoring system to keep track. If the PSI gets too low, there’s a chance that there might be a hole in the tire and it should be fixed as soon as possible.
  9. Last but not least, make sure to have a seat-belt cutter/window breaker tool. The goal is to never have to use this tool, but if you are in a situation where it is needed for survival, you will be glad you had it.
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