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Should You Get Your Windows Tinted?

July 10, 2018
Contrary to popular belief, window tint is not only for looks. There are a few advantages to getting your windows tinted. Take a look at these advantages and find out whether or not tints are right for you.

Heat Reduction

The sun takes a drastic toll on every car’s interior. Sun rays make It unbearable to get into your car on a scorching hot day, especially if you have leather seats. With tinted windows, your car’s temperature will not get as hot since most of the sun light is blocked depending on the tint you choose. Tints are a very easy way to keep your car nice and cool during hot summer days.

Prevents Glass Shattering

Hopefully you never experience this but in case of an accident, your windows will not shatter into a million pieces. During an accident, glass will typically shatter and fly all over dangerously. With tints on your windows, the glass will break but won’t shatter, it will instead stay stuck together with the tint film

UV Rays

Perhaps the best reason to get tints is the fact that they block harmful UV rays. More people are diagnosed with some sort of skin cancer every year than all the other cancers combined. Tints will in fact block those ultra violet rays that are so hazardous to our skin. UV rays also do a lot of damage to the interior of the car, especially discoloration and cracking.


With your windows tinted, it is harder for for thieves to look inside your car and try to find things to steal. You can also ride around in style without anyone being able to see inside your car while you drive. This is probably the most common reason that people get window tint. The difference in your car’s look is night and day.

Filtered Light

Much like wearing sunglasses, tints will help filter the light that you see with your eyes. Since our eyes are so sensitive, this is a drastic difference when driving during sunny days. The glare is reduced and your eyes will not be affected as much by the light, making it easier to see everything clearly. Now that you have read all the advantages, I must mention some disadvantages of window tints. Although tints are very helpful during the day, at night they are quite the opposite. Obviously, with no light it is much harder to see through your windows. You must make sure not to get an excessive amount of tint and allow some light in order to see during nighttime driving. A reasonable amount of tint would be 30%. This means that 30% of light is still getting through your windows which makes a huge difference at night rather than getting the darkest option. Also, beware of state laws. There are a lot of states that do not allow a certain amount of tint on vehicles. Before getting your windows tinted, make sure to find out whether or not your state allows window tint. If you are ready to get your windows tinted, make sure to choose a percentage you are comfortable with and get them installed properly.
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