Spring Break Travel Ideas

April 19, 2019
With spring break around the corner, college students eagerly await another chance to unwind from the stress of the semester and travel to a new destination. The choices are endless: Do you go for a relaxing beachside vacation, or to a high-energy music festival? Do you want to ski with friends up high on snowy mountains, or do you want to explore one of America’s most popular cities, aptly nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the World? Whatever your taste, read on and you’ll be sure to find a contender for your next spring break destination. If you’re not a college student, don’t worry, these locations aren’t just good places for spring break, they’re worth a visit year-round!


As one of America’s quintessential spring break travel destinations, Panama City Beach, or PCB, boasts watersports activities, varied daytime entertainment, and a vibrant nightlife. If you have the budget for it, check out the city’s attractions on the Strip. They include PCB’s classic mini golf, arcade games, go kart racing, and more. If you’re on a tighter budget or just looking for a different kind of fun, consider a jet ski rental, paddle boarding lessons, parasailing, or just relaxing on the beach under the sun. Although battered by Hurricane Michael late last year, PCB is thriving, and looks to continue its spring break tradition this year. If you’re planning a trip, don’t forget to check concert dates too—artists perform live every year!


Cancun is another classic travel destination for spring break, and a good alternative to Panama City Beach. Just like PCB, Cancun offers lively entertainment, ranging from music festivals to resort pool parties, all with a similar warm, sunny climate. If you’re looking for even more variety in activities and tours, Cancun has it. Consider the city’s array of catamaran tours, ziplining spots, and historical sites, such as the hundred-foot-tall El Castillo, a step pyramid built by the Maya civilization more than a millennium ago. Relax and snorkel in Cancun’s pristine water by day, enjoy its plentiful clubs by night, and visit the quaint towns of Valladolid and Tulum if you want a day away from the high-energy of the city. Visit Cancun if you love the idea of PCB, but want to see its unique sites and travel abroad.


If you’re looking for sheer variety in daytime and nighttime entertainment venues, look no further than Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World. While it doesn’t have a waterfront and sandy beaches like the first two choices on our list, Las Vegas more than makes up for this in other respects. Start your day off with a dip in your hotel’s pool, or if you’re looking for something a little more lively, head down to the closest pool party, as there’s bound to be many in your area. You’ll probably be in Vegas to celebrate, so take some friends and go to any one of its world-famous nightclubs and casinos, among them favorites like the Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, and MGM Grand. In Vegas, there’s something to do any time of the day.


With one of the lowest population densities of any state in the US, Utah may seem like an unusual travel destination for spring break, but it’s the perfect place to try something a little different: skiing! Located less than an hour away from Salt Lake City, the city of Alta boasts some of the best conditions for skiing anywhere in the country, known for both high altitude and plentiful snowfall. Better still, the Alta Ski Area resort limits access to only skiers, which means less crowding and more space to enjoy the slopes with your friends. The cost is manageable too, with resort trips being priced competitively, making a trip here less expensive than other destinations. As always, however, be sure to budget for ski rentals, lift tickets, and if you need it, ski schools and lessons.


These are just some of the fun, affordable places you can travel to for spring break. Like the beach but want something more exotic than Cancun or Florida? Consider a trip to the idyllic Bahamas archipelago. Looking for some fun in the South? Nashville, Tennessee, and New Orleans, Louisiana are just two excellent alternative spring break destinations. The chance to enjoy your time off and travel is only a plane ticket away, so don’t hesitate, and see where spring 2019 and beyond takes you!
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