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The Best Vehicles for Adventure

April 16, 2019
The automobile industry is so varied, with enough specialized vehicles around that consumers are bound to find the perfect vehicle for any task. Everything from simple A-to-B commuting, to transporting your family, to heavy-duty work, can be completed by vehicles offered on the market. But what about adventure, for the activities that get your blood pumping, heart racing, and make exploration exciting and something to look forward to? You guessed it, there’s even a healthy amount of utilitarian vehicles dedicated to this purpose, with some that hide behind a mundane facade which belies their potential for adventure. From the off-road prowess of the Ford F-150 Raptor to the workhorse nature of the Toyota 4Runner, each vehicle fits a specific niche, bound to appeal to any variety of adventure. We’ll start off with an American icon: the ubiquitous Jeep Wrangler.


Tracing its lineage back to the iconic Willys MB of World War II (colloquially referred to simply as the Jeep), the Jeep Wrangler is a bonafide off-roader with the heritage and performance prowess to match its athletic exterior. Look at a Wrangler up close and you’ll surely see its distinctive exposed door hinges, which aren’t just for show. Spend 20 minutes or less and you’ll be able to remove every door, giving you a unique experience that no other vehicle on the market can match. That’s not all, though, the roof is removable too! Spend another 20 minutes (or probably even less) and you’ll be able to take off your hard or soft top, too. When combined with the removed doors, you’ll be sitting in the most well-ventilated interior in the car industry. These factors, combined with the ability to drive trails, ford water, and conquer rock climbing, make the Wrangler the ultimate all-rounder for the adventure-seeker.


The Toyota 4Runner, especially in its highest TRD Pro trim, offers much of the same capabilities as the Wrangler in a different form factor, but with some advantages up its sleeve. While a Wrangler Rubicon (the Wrangler’s most specialized trim) will offer better off-roading capability stock from the factorynot to mention an expansive aftermarket parts catalog the 4Runner may be the better choice as a daily driver. Firstly, its size. The extra interior room that the Toyota has over its Jeep rival may be the deciding factor if you plan to travel with a large dog or simply fit more cargo inside on shopping trips. And while the previous Wrangler generation, the JK, offers stout reliability, the 4Runner is renowned for its workhorse nature, with owners online frequently reporting problem-free performance for many 200,000 miles or more. Don’t rely on just the spec sheets, though; schedule a test drive and see which vehicle works better for you in person.


If you can handle the nearly $53,000 price tag of a new Ford F-150 Raptor, it’s certainly worth the price of admission. With its large grill (with Ford being printed prominently across), lifted suspension, and consequently large size, the Raptor has an imposing physical presence. Its appearance isn’t just for show, however. The current generation Raptor’s 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine pushes out 450 horsepower and 510 pound-foot of torque, good for acceleration from 0-60 miles per hour (or about 100 kilometers per hour) in just 5.7 seconds, an excellent showing for this 5,500 pound behemoth. Horsepower and torque aren’t all it offers in terms of performance, though. Its tuned suspension, rear electronic-locking differential, and selectable offroad drive modes make it not only the most capable F-150 for off-roading, but indeed one of the most capable off-roaders in any vehicle class.


Yes, you’re reading that correctly. The Toyota Prius, with its diminutive size, polarizing looks, and lack of performance, may seem like an odd choice for an adventure-seeker, but it excels in certain areas that other vehicles simply don’t. Adventure doesn’t necessarily mean conquering the muddiest trail and the slipperiest boulders, it can also mean long-distance exploring on paved roads. This is where the Prius excels. If you like to travel by car and don’t go offroading, the Prius is an excellent option. Ample interior space, stellar fuel efficiency (54 city, 50 highway!), combined with a dead-reliable Toyota powertrain combines for an unmatched road tripping experience. Sure, it won’t handle like a Miata, or conquer trails like the Wrangler, but it’ll get you to your adventure travel destination safely and efficiently.


When it comes down to decision time, truly evaluate what you’ll need out of your vehicle. Are you looking for a dependable daily driver which can handle light off-roading with ease? The Wrangler and 4Runner might be calling your name. Want even more off-roading capability, but in the form factor (as well as towing and hauling capability) of a pickup? The F-150 Raptor could be the answer. Looking for a reliable, no-nonsense car to take you and your family to your adventure destination of choice? The Prius should be in strong consideration. Be honest with what you need and pick the perfect vehicle for you: one that will take you thrill-seeking for many years to come!
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