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6 Ways Electric cars are better than Gas-powered cars

June 05, 2018
Are you on the verge of switching from gas powered to electric but just can’t seem to make the move? You’re not alone, there are many people like yourself who are skeptical about switching due to all of the “drawbacks.” I’m here to tell you that if there was ever a time to switch, now is the time. A lot of big name companies have already started offering at least one electric vehicle in their lineup to keep up with demand and with time, overall pricing will go down with more and more competition. Even Tesla, a luxury electric car company is making their cars easier to get with the upcoming release of their Model 3 which will start at 35k. Go on, keep reading and see why many around you have already made the switch.

1.You’re compensated for buying one

Could you imagine if the government actually gave you money to buy a car? Oh wait, they do! That’s right, the Federal government actually gives you a $2500-$7500 tax credit depending on the capacity of the battery of the car you choose to buy. Besides this incentive, some states actually add some more on top of that. After your purchase, the government will also give you some more money to help lower the cost of a charging station in your home.

2. Charging convenience

Now that you have your brand new electric car, you can charge without leaving your home. There’s no need to go to a gas station anymore, you can plug in wherever there is a charging station whether that’s your house, job or anywhere else you can find a plug. A lot of jobs actually started installing these stations to make it more convenient for their employees. Some amusement parks even have special parking spots for electric vehicles to charge up.

3. Better for the environment

This is a no brainer; no gas engine means no exhaust emissions. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, this may be the easiest way to do it. By taking a gas powered vehicle off the road you are helping improve air quality which helps everyone breathe healthier. Your smart decision will also help sustain the ozone layer from any more damage we have already dealt.

4. Nice and Quiet

If you’re used to driving a luxury car, you know how great it is to drive with only the slightest bit of noise. It feels like an escape from the noisy world around you. With an electric car, it’s going to take you by surprise when you hit the accelerator and don’t feel like your engine is about to explode. Sound is very minimal in electric cars which might even make you look forward to your ride home every day.

5. The Perks

Besides feeling like you’ve contributed to making a change in the world, there are some great perks of owning an electric car. Perhaps the best perk of all is being able to charge for free in public. That’s right, there are a lot of charging stations in many cities that allow you to charge your car, “free of charge.” If you have an electric car, you should drive around and see if you can spot these charging stations to take advantage of them. As mentioned before, there are also special spots available at amusement parks and often times in front of stores so you don’t have to walk far.

6. That Instant Torque

This is, in my opinion, the best reason electric cars are better than gas-powered cars. Are you afraid that you won’t enjoy driving an electric car? You will be blown away when you see how ridiculously fast electric cars can be. One of the best cars on the market right now is the Tesla Model S which is considered the safest and quickest car on the road. This car is leading the charge with its 2.5 second 0-60 and 5-star safety rating. The reason electric sports cars are so fast is due to the instant torque available. Gear shifting in gas powered cars creates gaps in the acceleration but electric cars often have no gearbox since they can operate at peak torque anywhere from 0-4,000 rpm. This means that your gas powered vehicle doesn’t stand a chance if matched against a properly tuned electric vehicle such as the Model S. After reading this, you have probably made up your mind if you were on the fence. One thing that is worthy of mention is the only disadvantage of owning an electric car is range. This is an issue that is being addressed with a lot of new charging stations being built each year to accommodate the growing number of electric cars on the road. The average range for electric vehicles is 100-300 miles but hey, nothing is perfect. It won’t be long until you start seeing at least one electric car on every block.
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